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Thread: Hello - Stencils question

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    Hello - Stencils question

    Does artrage2 come with stencils? If so, how can I acces them? If not...where can I get some? I have tried the 'artsupplies" section but can't see any.

    If anyone can help, that would be fab. Thanks.

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    Hi and welcome. I have the starter edition and the Stencils should be at the bottom mid-screen next to the 'tracing' feature. Unfortunately they are unuseable with the starter edition.

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    Hello! Thanks for your welcome I started off with the starter edition too, which was brilliant, then proceeded to badger my partner into getting me a Tablet (that had the full AR version on it)

    I am now wondering if I should reinstall it, because the tracing feature you speak of at the bottom, doesn't even come up! lol I remember it being there from the free AR, and hadn't even thought about that until you mentioned it!

    If I take it all out, and put it in again...maybe that will work. Hmmm. I'll speak to the techy guys.

    Thanks for your reply!

    Another thing that bugs me a bit is, because I use a Mac...I have to move the Dock up to the side of the screen to actually gain access to AR properly! BAH!

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    The dock has always been in the way for some users and for most apps.
    Dock also takes up valuable screen space.
    I have tried to move it to the side and make it as small as possible and invisible with no effect.
    I use "Butler" to open all my documents and apps.
    It does quite a lot and can be configured in many ways.

    A word of warning: It takes a little time to learn how to use it properly but it is defenitly worth it.
    I have no relation to the developper of this software(donationware).

    Otherwise you have to just keep the dock very low profile and small.

    To cicle from one active application to another simply use the "Apple + tab keys ". Very quick.

    Others might have better solutions...

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    Butler? Is that an Apple thing? ooooh, must go and find out more...!!

    Thanks for the Apple+Tab key tip too.

    Thanks for commenting!

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    You can find Butler here:

    Once you get used to having more screen it's hard to go back.
    Having dual monitor support with AR would be a plus,
    I think the developpers are looking at this. Or ?

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    Thanks for the link to Butler. I had a look, but not sure if its something I would need right now....but I appreciate the heads up anyway.

    I would just like some stencils *she says with petted lip*

    Waaaaahhhh... :wink:

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