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Thread: Wet on wet?...

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    Wet on wet?...


    I am hesistant about making too many suggestions. ArtRage UI is so artist friendly the way it is developing. My main complain about using power programs like PhotoShop is having too many features available to paint with. A lot of us only use a few tools to make a painting.

    However, I was wondering if there would ever be a wet on wet feature possible. The blending tools are great so far, but if anyone ever used watercolor on wet paper you get a certain effect.


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    No need to fear posting lots of suggestions. When we do updates to ArtRage we tend to go through the suggestions forum as well as our big-whiteboard-o-ideas ( tm =) ) so the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned!

    I think the idea of simplicity and ease of use is something that makes ArtRage what it is, so you're right, it'd be a shame to throw that away.

    Regarding wet on wet, I've been doing a watercolour course just recently, and I'd tend to agree, there's very definitely a different feel to it, as well as a wide range of effects possible when working like that it seems. Thanks for the suggestion!
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