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Thread: my process more in depth

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    my process more in depth

    sorry about this guys. i had a friend, who isn't a forum member, ask to see some more step by step. if its too much andy, you can delete it.

    first-i box in the rough shape of the picture from the photo reference
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    i refine the edges and start thinking about placement of the features
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    i start to add the features, and refine the edges even more. to me, this is the real critical step. miss measurements and angles here, and the likeness will be off. still,...thanks to artrage, correction is a snap.
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    then, i fill in the specific shape of the features.
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    after this, my work gets a little easier. i create another layer, and take my time tracing right on top of the sketch. i also add little details, and highlights with a white pencil.
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    here it is without the sketch behind it.
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    i then, duplicate this layer, and change the opacity and colour of the bottom copy. then i take the palette knife and smear the edges in a random fashion.
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    with the opacity of the smudged layer dropped to around 26%, the picture starts to take shape.
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    i then create another layer, and put it below these two. i use the sampler tool to grab some approximate colours off the reference, and block in the basic transitions of colour.
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    then, i turn off the visibility of this layer for later. i create another layer underneath the last layer, and fill in what i want to be the base colours with the airbrush.
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