Hidey Hi ArtRage People,

I've been using ArtRage for a while now and am loving it to bits!
It has a great feel to it as i'm drawing with my TabletPC, the best by miles.

I'm an animator by trade and i've recently taken to doing some animations using my TabletPC, however none of the 2D Animation programs that are available come close to ArtRage when it comes to actually drawing on the screen. This has led me to think that ArtRage is the best program for me to use.

Now i realise that ArtRage isn't an Animation program and never intends to be, but i was thinking that with cleaver use of the layers it could make a pretty impressive leap towards becoming my ideal program for all things art related.

What i'm thinking is, would it be possible to flip between layers quickly and easily. I know that by pressing ALT and clicking on a visible layer that becomes the only visible layer, however if you do the same on a layer that is invisible nothing happens. So would it be possible to hold down ALT and click on any layer to make it the only visible layer - as opposed to it only working on visible layers. Of course an Up/Down shortcut to flip between layers would be perfect, though i understand if that isn't possible.

Ahem, that was rather long winded, sorry 'bout that.

Anyhoo, thanks for looking!