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Thread: How to make such canvas

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    How to make such canvas


    Can anyone point me to such canvas or explain me how to create one?

    This image was taken from a picture I have in my living room and it covers somthing like 10 cm square of the picture. That means the shapes are very small and thin (actually you can't see them if you draw away from the picture).
    Is it even possible to create the shapes random?


    Please delete the gaps below to make the address valid:
    img28.imagevenue . c o m/img.php?image=22174_Sample_122_903lo.jpg

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    The large shapes look like they could be generated with a 'voronoi' plugin in Photoshop. Sometimes called a 'Cracked earth' plugin.
    The more subtle texture you could just overlay a standard canvas weave.

    Create a greyscale image in Photoshop of a cracked earth plugin, blend a canvas weave overtop. Export as a png.
    Then you can create a custom canvas in ArtRage using that png as the paper texture.
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