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Thread: Virtual brushes to see tilt, color and amount of paint.

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    Virtual brushes to see tilt, color and amount of paint.

    I have looked through most of the posts here in the suggestions forum and noticed that a large nuber of the requests have been filled cause artrage now features many of them. So thanks if you even consitder this:

    Lots of users want tilt and ways of better controling thier pencils and paintbrushes. There is an easy visual solution for this and yours would be the first software to do it.

    Make iconic brushes that look like the tools they represent and are able to move across the canvas 3 demensionally instead of just the circle.
    (if you can see your pencil, you can hold it upright or turn it on its side)

    Make the 3d tools have variable transparencey.

    Show the color of the picked up paint on the end of the brush to see what will be painted before it is layed on canvas.

    Be able to have both round and flat tipped bristles.

    Obviously more paint or bigger brush would be seen on the tool, but also tilt of the tool would mimic the wacom stylus. For mouse tilt, make widget to set constant angle.

    As inspiration, have a look at Adobe after fx 7. The way that the palletes drag over transparent overlays of other palletes is truly a unique step forward for software.

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    Check this out for additional inspiration:

    This is a very impressive ink simulation which uses the processing power of a high end graphics card!

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