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Thread: Crash -- sound driver

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    Crash -- sound driver

    I experienced a night of unpleasant computer-ing. After playing with my new full version Artrage, I went to close my file without saving (still getting my feet wet), and my computer crashed. Microsoft's site referred me to Nvidia's site for a sound driver update. However, doing what they said to do resulted in my losing significant display capabilities. ("Unfriendly their support is, yes," Yoda says) Thank heavens for back-ups! Anyway, instead of attempting to wade into all that again, is there a way to disable the sound driver for Artrage so that I need not risk losing everything again? Sound is nice, but I can do without it, considering the risk.

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    I'm afraid there isn't a way to disable use of the sound driver.
    There's an option to turn off sound in the ArtRage preferences menu, but it still initializes and closes down the sound driver.
    We're using Direct Sound (part of the DirectX development API).
    There is a chance that turning off the sound in the preferences will help, as there is a possiblity the fault is being caused by ArtRage shutting down the sound driver while the sound of the last panel disappearing is still playing.
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