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    Hi. This is my first post here.

    I just bought ArtRage. Who can't buy it? The Mac version. I just like to get Linux in everywhere because I would love everything to work on that. I will try the Windows demo under Wine because I hear that works.

    This has to be the best value software ever without being totally free. I've tried competing programs for ages but can't justify the price. I just need a sketching tool because my work will probably all be 3D but using tools that don't feel like natural media is no fun because I come from a drawing background. ArtRage looks real. I can have very finished natural looking drawings. There may be another awesome program out there but it also has a much bigger price. Not worth it for me.

    ArtRage is a great program. Keep up the work. I have some things on my wish list but I'll go elsewhere on the forum for that.


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