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Thread: ability to change color wheel to look like photoshop's plugin

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    ability to change color wheel to look like photoshop's plugin

    i am used to coolorus plug in which many also are and i find it difficult to get used the artrage's one . it would be nice to have photoshop's one as an option .
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    artrage has this one available under view -> color picker

    set it to LS/H mode in the panel settings for the ramp view.

    is there anything specific to the photoshop wheel that you want to see implemented?
    my only complaint with the current AR wheel is its size;
    unlike photoshop and other software, it has a 50 % RGB gray swatch in the bottom corner which makes it actually very helpful for my purposes.

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    i thought i made my point

    Click image for larger version. 

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    my first issue is the color cube is placed tilted when inside the color wheel and with photoshop the 2nd corner is where most vibrant shade of the hue is, and there is a clear greyscale on one side unlike artrage which has the greyscale split between point 2 to 3 and to 4 ,also there is no way of to enlarge the color wheel , in art rage the whole tint and shades are cramped between point 1 and 2.
    it would be great if the can just replicate the photoshop plug in . people pay extra for this plugin so it must add some value to their painting experience . i hope this shows how confusing the artrage color wheel is for some from photoshop . just give us a choice of choosing something similar.

    thank you

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    I have issues with its current size, which upsets me because it used to have a 150<>200 % upscale option back in AR4 which I hope will be recreated one day in this way or other.

    this is how it formerly looked at 200 % - the upscale looked a bit blurry, but it got the job done.

    the color gamut/maximum saturation complaint is really specific to your workflow to be honest: having used photoshop in the past I actually prefer the AR approach to color ramp arrangement, but I hope the developers note your request if it's something regularly bothering you that much.

    I do all of my preliminary colorwork and underpainting in artrage, and to me the wheel is intuitive and has never caused any discomfort.

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    notice the color wheel

    rebelle 3 color wheel Click image for larger version. 

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    Paint storm Click image for larger version. 

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    clip studio paint Click image for larger version. 

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    infinite painter Name:  11-infinate-painter-app.jpg
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    Even procreate has similar one but instead of a square it has a circle, the concept it still the same.
    I hope the developers take notice
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    yeah they all recycle photoshop's color ramp from adobe legacy color picker.

    it really boils down to your personal preference: I don't see the issue with AR color wheel, but I come from a decade of primarily working in corel painter (with its triangular HSV color wheel that got copied by coolorus and CSP, before adobe finally implemented it around 2018) and I love artrage's arrangement.

    I also don't care about the way colors are laid out in CSP, for example, because I directly sample the colors I already painted in artrage from the canvas.

    if I need to fine-tune the color extra carefully I'd rather use the HSL sliders instead of picking off the color wheel ramp.

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