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Thread: Picture book sketch

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    Picture book sketch

    Hello Ragers,

    Mostly a lurker around here. Here is a dummy picture book I did a year ago. It's for little children so probably most of you should go no further :-)

    I like to let things lie for a long time before I delete them. I still like
    this so I probably won't delete it for another year. But eqally probable is that I won't work on it again as I seem to have lost all the working files while moving countries. Another project in stasis - faults, warts and all.

    So rather than sit on my hard disk for eternity I thought I'd post it here. It was an attempt to combine characters rendered in 3D with backgrounds done in artrage.

    The result is neither one nor the other, but it was a good and fast way to set up scenes. As you can see the ArtRage bits of each scene were done in a few minutes. (And the web version is done instantly by OpenOffice. PowerPoint works too but the result only works in MS Internet Explorer)


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    Hi Dulcie - very cute snail tale. You don't have to go to Yale to appreciate art about a snail, or be in jail, or have a tail! Just give your arms a flail 'til you turn pale, eat a bale of Kale, then nail a quail with a pint of Ale, and there you are! :shock: 'nuf said!
    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day - Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day! Joe V.

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    That is so perfectly, cutely brilliant. Hail, snail!

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    exhale Joe :-)

    not unglad you not unlike, NotBob!

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    Very cute idea. There's a whole snail subculture out there. When I was doing some research on snails on the net, there were a lot of people who keep them as pets.

    I think one must adopt a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy if you're into snails.

    Interesting combination of techniques you used. Dabbling in 3-D against a spashy gestural asrty background? Plans for animation?

    Careful that the snails don't lose focus for the background, though.

    Might want to think in terms of staging and framing and leading the eye to see the snail first.

    I like it. Good job.

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