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Thread: New here i need your help

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    New here i need your help

    Hi guys im new here, i have started working on something with the help of a friend and we are facing a problel now
    how do we duplicate something like this ( ) and change the colour?
    Like a have hair or an object and i want to duplicate it but change its color how can i get it done?
    Thanks in advance
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    There are probably multiple ways to do this. If the object is on its own layer --

    Duplicate the layer, then on the duplicate choose Edit>Filters>Adjust Layer Colors. (Command J on a Mac) This brings up a dialog box where you have multiple color options.

    Or, duplicate the layer, choose “Layer locks > Lock transparency.” You’ll be able to paint over the object with any tool and color without affecting the empty part of the layer.

    Hope this helps.

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