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Thread: High Sierra Crash

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    Unhappy High Sierra Crash

    Hi Rage team,
    Just updated to High Sierra yesterday and came across an issue.
    The system crashes when previewing .ptg files in finder.
    I'm not talking about artrage hanging or even the OS hanging. It straight up reboots.
    And I'm not talking about the large size preview (although the system may be trying to generate it in the background)
    I'm talking about just scrolling in the column mode in the finder. If the finder comes across a .ptg file it crashes.
    To be clear, this happens with files on my NTF volume readable/writable via Paragon NTFS software, bu happens with even the smallest of files.
    If I disable the Paragon NTFS driver then sometimes it doesn't crash, but sometimes does.
    Something in High Sierra broke something.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled artRage as well as paragon, but no difference.

    I don't know if this is something that you can do anything about, but hopefully you can because it has becomes a little bit of a Russian Roulette challenge to sift through the folders and come across a .ptg file.

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    Sorry to hear about the problem. This isn't something I can replicate browsing through PTG files on an NTFS drive (though I'm not using Paragon NTFS, just a standard network connection via SAMBA to my Win10 machine).

    Thumbnails are handled by a Quicklook plugin that's included in the ArtRage application bundle. That plugin gets the small size PNG preview we store of the painting from the start of the file and provides it as an icon to the Finder (it also handles quick preview by getting the larger size preview we store). My first guess is that there's some kind of incompatibility between the NTFS system and the way that's being handled, possibly threading related.

    The only hits I could find looking for Paragon NTFS and Quicklook issues related to malware on the system so I doubt that's the case here. There are a bunch of troubleshooting steps for issues with Quicklook that revolve around clearing its cache (and evolve in to reinstalling the OS), but I'm dubious about suggesting those until we've looked in to it further. I'm going to go and do some deeper searching and see if I can work anything out. In the meantime, if you can connect to the NTFS drive just using a standard network link (eg. 'Go' menu in the Finder, 'Connect to server' and connect that way, or just connect via a Finder folder window) could I get you to boot in Safe Mode and try to browse the files that way? I'm not 100% sure if Safemode will do the Quicklook preview at this point, but if it still crashes we can at least be sure it's not Paragon specific.

    Update: Could you email me directly (, there are some lower impact troubleshooting steps I'd like to go through with you.
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    Thank you. I will do that.
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