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Thread: I've got 2 questions

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    I've got 2 questions

    Alright my two questions are
    1- Is there any way to make textured erasers? For example in Photoshop when choosing a brush that one brush can become an eraser,mixer brush,smudge tool and a painting brush anyway to do this in artrage?

    2- how does opacity work in the custom brush designer? I can't seem to get it to work the way I would normally use it in other programs.

    Thanks in advance.

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    1. Not really. Brushes can't be switched into 'eraser mode', although it's on our suggestions list (our brushes mostly don't work the same way, so it's a bit more complicated than it is in other programs).


    • The eraser does actually respond to canvas texture and paint depth, but it's very light.
    • Create a stencil from the pattern you want, and then erase or paint through it.

    2. Opacity for the Custom Brush should be pretty similar to most other programs, but there are a few different parts to it. By default, opacity responds to pressure, so a light stroke will be more translucent.

    If you're just loading a brush and playing with the Opacity slider in the settings then it affects the maximum opacity for the entire stroke, and you just use pressure and the Opacity slider to adjust the result you get.

    If you're in the Brush Designer finetuning your brush, then you can adjust a few different things.

    Head tab:

    • Opacity of the brush head/grain image: black, white and grey will be converted into varying levels of transparency for the base image, to create the actual picture or shape. fter you import an image you can adjust the default transparency of the individual dabs using other settings in the Brush Designer.
    • If it is the wrong way around, use the menu for the head/grain image and invert it.
    • Dab Opacity is just for the single dab made by the brush head. So you can set each dab to 30% opacity, but layer them to build up a more opaque area of colour. Or set it to 100% to have very solid dabs of colour, even with light pressure.

    Stroke tab:

    The second tab of the Brush Designer allows you to control the stroke effects, which will combine with your baseline settings for the dabs within the stroke.

    • The normal 'Opacity' slider sets the default (max) opacity for the stroke after each of the dabs stack (paint over each other). So if you set it to 50%, it will never get darker than that no matter how often your brush goes back and forth (until you lift the stylus and end the stroke).
    • Opacity 'taper' will get more or less opaque along the length of the stroke in a controlled way. Use Taper Length & Bias to control the actual direction and taper effect, and use 'opacity taper' to adjust the strength of the fade out.
    • Minimum opacity lets you set the minimum transparency that your stroke will go to, so it's the other end of the scale from the normal 'Opacity' slider.

    Use the Dab Opacity for most things, as it is the default value (e.g. 100% Dab Opacity will almost always produce a 100% opacity stroke, but a 50% opacity dab will let you use stylus pressure to vary from 50-100%). If you want a very specific fixed opacity, just set 'minimum opacity' to the same value as '(maximum) opacity' and it will never go higher or lower.

    I also recommend reading

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    Wow thanks for such a quick reply Hannah!��
    I never thought of using a stencil to create a textured erase.

    Can't wait for all these new features in Artrage 6 (is that what it will be called?)
    Do you know if a realise date has been set? 2018,2019
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    Our release dates are set based on when the program is ready So... we have no idea right now, except it's easily more than six months away. We are working on some very awesome new stuff, but we can't guarantee anything specific will definitely be in it yet (I have to disclaimer that before people get too excited).

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