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Thread: Windows 10 64 Bit - Can't Install Art Rage Lite

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    Windows 10 64 Bit - Can't Install Art Rage Lite

    Hi. I have just purchased Art Rage Lite and wanted to get started right away. I have Downloaded the installation file twice now, but both behave in an identical fashion. I agree to the terms and Conditions checkbox, go to "Next", select where I'd ilke Art Rage to be installed and hit "Install".

    As it starts, a Pop Up Box appears saying "Are You Sure You Want To Cancel?" - it doesn't matter what I do from this point, Art Rage will not install. Please............what's wrong? Is the installation program corrupt?

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    Sorry to hear that you are having problems! It sounds like the 'Cancel' button is being selected somehow. Can you doublecheck it is not highlighted when you hit 'Install'? (maybe there's a keyboard or mouse issue accidentally selecting the wrong thing).

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