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Thread: [Critical BUG] permanent eraser!

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    [Critical BUG] permanent eraser!

    Today I started a new project in ArtRage 5 and was surprised to find out I can't draw or paint anything. I switched to one of my old projects and it turns out that EVERY TOOL ACTS EXACTLY LIKE THE ERASER TOOL - even using the current pressure and softness settings of the eraser tool. Restarting AR or the entire system doesn't help.

    To be exact I can choose any tool I want and it will highlight like it normally does, but then it will work exactly like the eraser.

    Windows 7 x64
    Intel Core I5-2540M CPU
    Art Rage v 5.0.2
    Wacom Intuos Draw

    Turns out my pen got damaged and one of the buttons responsible for bringing up the eraser is on all the time. I think it might have some moisture in it. I will just wait and hope it starts working properly again. Sorry for all the drama.
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