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Thread: Is it possible to Hide an active selection ?

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    Is it possible to Hide an active selection ?

    When I'm doing quick form studies, what I like doing (in whatever paint app I'm using at a time) is using the polygon tool to create a random polygon, hide the active selection and start shading the imagined form without worrying about painting outside the canvas. I can't seem to find a way of hiding (not showing the 'marching ants' pattern) in Artrage. Is there a way of doing that ?

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    You can't hide a selection, but you *can'* lock the transparency of a layer. Fill your selection with paint, dismiss the selection, and go to the layer options and click the little padlock in the top right of the layer thumbnail, then choose 'Lock Transparency'.

    That might not work if you don't want to sketch into actual paint - as only existing paint can be drawn over, so instead you could create a stencil from that shape and use that as the border of your canvas area.

    But if this is just a visual thing where you want a clear screen, then there isn't a way to do what you are asking (maybe sketch an outline of your shape on the layer below as a guide?).

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