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Thread: Anyone using on-screen keyboard and/or Sticky Keys for shortcuts?

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    Anyone using on-screen keyboard and/or Sticky Keys for shortcuts?

    I'm easing in to Art Rage and trying to figure out a good way to manage tablet and keyboard. I'd appreciate hearing how you set up your keyboard and tablet to best effect and whether anyone has had success with an on screen keyboard, primarily for shortcuts. Your experience is appreciated.

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    I use the Onscreen Key Shortcuts available through my Wacom tablet a lot!
    I have one physical key on the tablet set to launch the Onscreen Keys.
    As to the specifics of what keys/actions to set, well thatís going to depend on the individual userís needs, but three that I find really useful are, Clear Layer, Reset Canvas Rotation and Reset Canvas Scale.
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    Thanks for the reply. I have a Huion tablet, so I guess no "Onscreen Keys". Sounds great, though.

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    Hi Kupuna,

    Apart from Toolbar Creator, which I gave you a link to in your thread about the AR Pen-Only Toolbar, there are a few other onscreen toolbar programs that are available. Perhaps the most powerful at the moment is Tablet Pro, but it's not free (see in the Windows store). It has more of a touch-centric approach than Toolbar Creator, which can be used with touch input but was more designed with using the pen as input device. Also, an old one but a good one is RadialMenu. Depending on your tablet, there may also be TouchKey.

    Tablet Pro:
    Toolbar Creator:

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