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Thread: Advice on new hardware, CPU or GPU?

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    Advice on new hardware, CPU or GPU?

    I'm running ArtRage 5.0.5 on a not so powerful 2-core i5 PC laptop with a modest AMD dedicated GPU. I'm planning to get new hardware especially for ArtRage 5. Does ArtRage utilize GPU acceleration or is it solely dependent on CPU? Should I get a good CPU or a good dedicated GPU instead? Also, how much memory should I get? Is 8 GB enough for 6000 x 4000 px canvas? (It works on my current configuration with 16GB RAM, but it has to "catch up" after my pen swipes often). I might do commissions every now and then, and possibly the largest canvas I would work on would be some 10000 x 7000 px. How much memory do I need for that. So that it works fluently.

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    AR does not utilize GPU support - this was discussed a few times on this board, so you might want to lurk a little bit.

    CPU + Ram should be your priority (if you're building a tower, this should be really easy to gradually add on your own; laptops are a bit different because some vendors want you to buy the desired amount of RAM from them directly, therefore it can be impossible to upgrade it later, or it will take a very difficult manual disassembly - just read about that on some artists' tumblr, her windows laptop had to be practically completely taken apart to add ram.)

    16 GB is what I use, but I gradually work up from approx. 2,000x3000 to 4500 px largest size in artrage, after which I take my work to clip studio which is slightly snappier because of its relatively simpler brush engine.

    that being said, I just created a test 7X10k canvas, and with ten empty layers (and chrome with like 40 tabs in the background), AR brush performance is about the same as when I typically paint on smaller pixel dimensions;
    I wouldn't say that creating long, panning, canvas-wide strokes is comfortable - there's still lag, as artrage is mixing paint and pushes pixels around, but it's not crawling, or anything.

    this might be different with an actual painting that has paint covering the canvas, actually filling in layers, and those comped in layer folders, for example.

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