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Thread: Help recovering registration code

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    Help recovering registration code

    I have had 2 hard drive crashes in the past 2 months. I have all the files still on my D drive and am able to move all files from my other programs to the C drive with the exception of a few...Art Rage included. How can I find the code, because I still have all the original files? If it was emailed to me, it's long gone. If it is inside the program somewhere, can someone tell me where so that I can get the program working again? I sent support an email a few days ago and never heard back from anyone. THanks for any help here.

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    Hi Karen,
    I apologize for any delays in replies from our support staff. Occasionally EMail spam filters restrict either your message to us, or our reply to you. In general all support questions are answered within 48 hours.

    I've sent an EMail to you with your registration code, and instructions for getting the latest ArtRage installer.
    If you haven't received an Email from me, let me know here on the forum.

    Good luck with your new harddrives!
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