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Thread: Feature Update for iPad? iPhone?

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    Feature Update for iPad? iPhone?

    I just starting playing around with ArtRage 5 and love the new custom brushes especially the new blenders. Any plans to bring custom brushes to the iPad? (I'd love to even be able to import brushes from the desktop version to iPad...can you do that?)
    The feature set for iPad hasn't really changed much over the years. Even the tilt-shading for the Apple Pencil isn't what it could be compared to other drawing apps like Adobe Sketch. The iPhone version hasn't been improved for years. To get the features of the desktop AR on my iPad I've been using Astropad but that's not portable. Any plans cooking for a revamped iPad AR?

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    We're not sure currently. Having just finished with AR5 we're looking at reviewing our other apps but we haven't made any final decisions. I will be working on a stylus API update for the iPad version shortly but in terms of new features we don't have any specific plans.

    The tilt functionality of the Apple pencil should be the same in the iPad version as tilt is in the desktop app though, tools that support tilt should be supporting it natively.

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