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Thread: Artrage 5 EULA ?

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    Artrage 5 EULA ?

    Some of us have collections of old but useful machines. One of the attractions of Artrage 4 is that I was permitted to install it on all my machines. I have three "Wacom Penabled" Lenovo X61 tablets. I have so far installed Artrage 5 on one of them. I have several more modern Wacom setups as well.

    The Artrage 5 EULA is confusing, referring to "permitted to keep one copy", and in another sentence, "only one person may use it at a time. I am the only user. Nobody else in my house draws.

    Am I permitted to install Artrage 5 on all my machines?

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    It's the same basic rules as previous editions, we just reworded it to try and make it clearer for newcomers So yes, go ahead and install.

    Basically, we don't restrict devices, but they all need to be for your own use.

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