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Thread: Would Real Money Stencils be ok?

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    Would Real Money Stencils be ok?

    Im currently gathering and working on a whole bunch of resources for the future Artrage updates.. as per the requests from the devs. I think I've got some pretty fantastic stuff so far.

    I figured some money stencils would come in handy as money is a pretty popular item to include in paintings for the obvious reasons.

    Well I made a couple of stencils from pics of real US currency. I didnt expect it to come out that great.. it was something I was honestly expecting to fail or be way below perfect at least. But wow... they came out just spectacular. Just almost looks like a photo copy when you use them. I did remove some of the numbers on the bills (I forgot the names of the numbers, sequence numbers maybe?).. just to make it not 100% copied from real money.

    Anyways, I am pretty sure there is nothing illegal about that as long as no one is dumb enough to actually try to print and spend it. I mean its not uncommon to see play money that looks convincing at first glance. It would be easier to download pics of money off the internet and print it off. But do you guys know the legalities behind it? And also devs, would you have any quarrels with it?

    Just want to make sure I'm not going to get myself or anyone else in trouble before I include them in an art pack.

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    Well I found this from a place called copy-king:

    U.S. Paper Currency
    Illegal: full-sized, full color, double-sided copies of U.S. currency.
    Legal: one-sided, full color, less than 75 percent or more than 150 percent of the original size copies of U.S. currency. After the reproduction is complete, the things used to make it, such as photographs, computer files, photographic negatives and digital media, must be destroyed or erased.
    *Tracked by the Secret Service

    But that still doesnt answer the question. The stencils obviously are not full color. They are only one sided. And they can literally be any size. And since I removed some of the sequence numbers I would think they dont even fall under the category of a copy anymore.. at least not exact.

    Oh well its not worth the hassle or risk I dont guess. These just would have made a heck of a nice detail to anyones painting if they used them with the transform tool. To say, have some money laying on a table or or in a cash register or something. Kind of what I had in mind. Just a super awesome small universal detail that could be used over and over by everyone and never seem over used lol.

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