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Thread: I want to be FAMOUS

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    I want to be FAMOUS

    hello friends) I'm an aspiring artist) my name is Alex I am 19 years old and I live in Russia ) It all started with the games. Always wanted to get into the gaming industry .
    I wish to share pictures , and listen to your opinion .


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    Looks cool

    I really like your first one image where we're behind the wheel of the car. I have two ideas you could try that I think you might get interesting results from.

    1. Try to use the light like a volume, as if it were a 3 dimensional object. So put shafts of light coming through the various layers of your paintings. (for example a shaft of light coming through the front windshield of the car an on the hand/Interior.
    Also, lighten and reduce the saturation of your background planes. (especially in your second image). This will add "atmospheric perspective" and add depth.

    2. Your images are epic, but everything is epic these days. Put some character or personality into your images to give them a soul.
    Example: put vladimir putin in one of your paintings. Or a family eating a beautiful dinner (with some epic thing happening out the background window).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostarwhite7 View Post
    hello friends) I'm an aspiring artist) my name is Alex I am 19 years old and I live in Russia ) It all started with the games. Always wanted to get into the gaming industry .
    I wish to share pictures , and listen to your opinion .

    While some people will say it is cool, first of all, I don't think that "being famous" is the mindset you need to have in this, because if it does not work, you will end up being very sad.

    Secondly, I would suggest to not 3D bash and photobash that much, I mean not to the extend where people can actually see it is photobashed. Make the effort to paint over them. This makes it even more clear how well you work.

    Photobashing is good if you want to quickly put something together, but as a way to do concept art, I don't think people will accept something that even someone untrained can actually notice as being out of place.

    Most of the errors comes from a lack of values and understanding of shapes, most of the time.

    It takes a while to be good, even more to be well known. I hope you're ready.

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    keep practicing.
    What you have assembled here is a collage. If you are SERIOUS about the gaming industry then head over to and check out the cats over there and the work that they are doing and the classes that you can take.

    You have two KEY problems here: One is composition--you are not visually guiding the viewer and telling a story---every game guides you and makes you follow a path just like traditional paintings (yes even Jackson Pollack)--Russian painters like Cornachia and Kate Foxx know this as well.

    The other problem that you have is that you are using your tools inefficiently--you have problems with blending --I think someone mentioned painting--and that is really the key and heart of the matter. You have Foreground Middleground and background in a painting---you can't just have everything meshed into one single layer ---it is distracting---and makes the visual muddy.

    Keep working on it---check out youtube take a lot of the free classes there and just work on it and NOBODY gets "famous" famous in the gaming industry except to their peers so be prepared for that. Good luck and I hope you work hard and do well.

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    Speak to the gaming industry people. Ask them what they might be looking for and that you want to get into the industry doing whatever job there's an opening for.

    Learn your craft and as much as you can about picture making. 3D is a little different in practice while the game is running. Compositions shift around all the time. But when you show your work, make sure they can tell what your level of participation is. So if you're doing models, show the model on its own. And you can also put it in context for drama. That shows you can think it through the entire process. But the most important thing is showing skill at a particular task. They hire based on a specialty, at least until you work your way up to leadership roles.

    You NEVER want to come in seeking a job looking like you want the job of the person hiring you. NEVER.

    You are going to start small. Once you land a job you will learn the other things involved and can work your interests from inside the organization. But if you are starting out, you're a blank canvas that the people who are putting together a team will be looking at to see if you will do what they tell you to do. Show you're flexible and want to learn to do the job they need doing following their vision. As you build their confidence, your creativity will be called in to play more.

    Meanwhile, learn your craft. Read about the business. Go to conventions. Make contacts. Be YOUNG. There is no substitute. When you're young you are not a threat. You are golden. Take advantage of the one major asset you have going for you because you cannot make yourself a blank canvas later in life. Or it's harder.

    Good luck. Get famous in time. Hide your appetite for fame. Keep it. But don't scare off your job prospects by broadcasting that you will be trouble to work with as you feed your ego. Play it low key.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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