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Thread: Monument

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    I was working on my new blog (WordPress) and needed an illustration for the first posting. I found this "Monument", one of my first ArtRage paintings, probably from 2006.
    Name:  staty.jpg
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    My blog is under construction and I will add some info about my apps and also a gallery / portfolio soon. So if you care to have a look, please use Bing or Google Translator if you don't know Swedish.
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    Henry. Only in Sweden Would ther b statue's like that

    Got a touch of Lowry. About it. CIAO. IVAYA CON DIOS

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    Quote Originally Posted by eighty+ View Post
    Henry. Only in Sweden Would ther b statue's like that

    Got a touch of Lowry. About it. CIAO. IVAYA CON DIOS
    .... or in Riyahd, if You sharpen the two tips .... not really freedom symbol, either way, rather submission to a superior force anyway.
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    Hey, maybe French's mustard could use this one for an advertisement. On the first level base of the monument place a hot dog bun on the left and right side, then a French's mustard container in the middle of that same level.
    Then a nice slogan to go with it like "Something worth enjoying in more ways than one".

    First thing that came to mind when viewing this image was Dali and surrealism. Nice work.
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