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Thread: Is ArtRage (android) a good replacement for Art Academy (3ds)

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    Question Is ArtRage (android) a good replacement for Art Academy (3ds)

    I am currently playing Art Academy(3ds) and I am searching for an app that will have a similar way of Painting than Art Academy. After searching, Artrage seems similar, but there are some features I am not sure about. Else I would like to ear if some of you had actually a chance to compare both tools.

    Here is the tool screen in art academy for painting:

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    Things I think ArtRage can do

    Rag: Equivalent of the eraser, which I think is available in ArtRage.
    Flat vs Pointy brush: Both tools seems available in art rage.
    Brush Size: There is 3 brush size for each brush, again there is a size slider in ArtRage
    Amount of Paint: You can set a certain amount of paint on the brush. I think the Equivalent in Art Rage is flow level.
    Translucency: You can add water to the paint to make it translucent. I imagine that this can be set with the opacity of the brush.
    Dry Painting: I don't think art rage can dry your painting, but it has a layer system and some tool options to make it dry instantly, so it seems like another way to get the same results.

    Things I am not sure if ArtRage can do it

    No paint on brush for blending: It's possible to put no paint on the brush and use it for only blending colors already on the canvas. Now I am not sure if putting flow to 0 actually does the same thing. Else there is no way to select "no color", so the only thing I can see is to have a blending tool. I know about layer blending, but I am talking about manual blending with the brush. Is it possible? The spatula seems to do the job, but it will flatten the strokes too.
    Paint Tubes: In art academy you need to mix the paint yourself. I think ArtRage you only have an Hue-Saturation-Luminance selector. Which seems fine with me because it is easier to get the color you want (especially when partially color blind).
    Grid: Art academy have the option to put a grid on your canvas to make painting of shapes easier. Not sure if art rage has that. Not sure if Artrage has the 3x3 grid.
    Zoom: You can zoom x2 in art academy, again not sure about ArtRage.

    Thank you for any information.

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    From reviews I've seen, ArtRage offers more advanced options than Art Academy, but I haven't tried it, so I can only speak for ArtRage. However, it should do nearly everything you want.

    ArtRage definitely has (working through your list)

    Square and round brush heads (as well as the 'pointy' watercolour brush)
    Size sliders
    Paint *loading* is how you control the amount of paint
    Translucency is controlled by thinners with the paint brushes, and opacity, softness and other settings with other tools (as appropriate to real life properties).
    Dry painting: yup, layers, and automatically dry paint options

    And onto your 'maybes':

    You can definitely blend with clean brushes. You would just set the Loading to 0% (or thinners to 100% with watercolour, though that does include a little trace of paint). You can also use the wide range of palette knives (there are more options than just 'flat'). See examples here!

    Plus, all the paint will blend itself as you work, and you can also use other media like the felt pen or airbrush to refine things.

    ArtRage has the built in colour picker (you can also switch between different types). You can actually mix up paint using the oil brush or paint tube tools, probably best done on a 'spare' layer as there's no built in 'space' for it (the desktop version has a Scraps canvas option for mixing paint).

    Grid: The desktop version (AR4) has a Grids feature, but none of the other editions do. You can import anything as a tracing image though, or as a new layer, and add grids that way.

    Zoom - yup, you can zoom in and out from 20% to 800%.

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    Thank you for the information.

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