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Thread: Changing Canvas Texture

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    Changing Canvas Texture

    I started a drawing and after completing a portion of it I feel I would like a little more texture or tooth to show in the pencil marks. But when I change the canvas settings I don't see that change reflected in the work I have done. Can you make that kind of change after some work has been done or does this have to be decided right from the start? I suspect I am doing or not doing something correctly. Thanks for any help.

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    Hi jmac,
    Tool marks from the real media tools only reflect the texture they were applied too I'm afraid. (and Sticker Sprays do not interact with the canvas texture at all)
    So changing texture during a work won't alter any marks previously made, it will just be the subsequent ones on the altered texture that will be different, as you have noted.
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    It could be that you're confusing the Layer Texture Panel for the Canvas Settings panel. While you can change how the tools react to a specific layers texture, by selecting a different grain for an individual layer, only the Canvas Settings panel will visible alter the rough pattern you see on the canvas itself. To be sure you're using the right panel, select View → Canvas Settings and, at the top of panel, click the gray arrow to select a specific canvas preset.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks SOS. I tried using both the canvas setting as well as the layer texture. Neither affect the marks I have already made but they don't seem to have any effect on new mark either? Thats why I feel I'm not doing something correctly. If I can't change the marks I have made then I will finish the drawing without the texture I want and try to add it later, maybe in photoshop. But I'm trying to figure out why I can't get a rougher texture with new marks thru the layer texture settings. I just have 2 layers. The top one I am drawing on and the bottom which was a scanned drawing outline I imported to a layer as a drawing guide.

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    It maybe that I'm not doing anything wrong but that combination of tool and surface I'm using just doesn't reveal much grain. I have been using the pencil tool and shading with that just gives me kind of a grey blurred wash but if I change to the chalk then I do see grain in the paper.

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    That sounds the most likely. This is the sort of result you should be able to get on one layer:

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