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    Cool Superimpose

    Feeling lazy. I have two separate images I drew on different canvasses. I want to superimpose one of the characters on the other (on a single new canvas). How do I do that?

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    Export one of them as a layer, png file, transparent canvas. Then open up the other file, create a new layer and convert your png file to paint via the tracing panel.

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    So if I understand you correctly, you've created two separate images with ArtRage and would like to bring one image into another? You could do what Slap Happy Larry suggested, but there's a couple of other methods, that may be of use.

    The First Method:

    1 - Open the first image within ArtRage.
    2 - Hide any layers you don't wish to transfer into the other image.
    3 - Save the image, using File > Save Painting As (I suggest using a different name, so you don't overwrite the original image.
    4 - Open your second image within ArtRage.
    5 - Import the image you saved in step 3, using File > Import Image File to Layer (this imports the image to its own layer, over your images existing layers, and allows you to reposition and rotate it, if needed; You'll need to hit the Enter key on your keyboard to accept the import).

    The Second Method (and my preferred method):

    1 - Open the first image within ArtRage.
    2 - Hide any layers you don't wish to transfer into the other image.
    3 - Click the Menu on the Layer Panel (button on the lower right of the panel), and select the Merge all Layers option.
    4 - Now select Edit > Copy (or use the shortcut Ctrl + C) to copy the layer.
    4 - Open your second image within ArtRage.
    5 - With the second image opened, select Edit > Paste (or use the shortcut Ctrl + P) to paste the copied layer into the second image.
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    Superimpose try 2 layers and blend modes

    Hi, I would definitely put anything you are merging onto 2 layers. You never know when you want to resize or move one without the other.
    Also, in order to superimpose, I'd try the Multiply blend mode on the top layer. It's impossible to know for sure without seeing the drawings, but the multiply will make the white background virtually disappear so that you can see what is on the layer beneath. You can now paint or draw on a lower layer and see the line drawing above.

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