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Thread: IOS 9 and Wacom creative stylus crash

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    IOS 9 and Wacom creative stylus crash

    i have Upgraded to IOS 9 and have the creative stylus 2. since the upgrade I can' tusk the creative stylus. iF Bluetooth is on it crashes Artrage. iS this being looked into?

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    The older version of the Wacom SDK included in ArtRage for iPad 1.6 is incompatible with iOS 9 and is causing this crash. If you turn off Wacom Stylus support for ArtRage in the Settings app on your iPad it should solve the problem for now without you needing to turn off Bluetooth.

    The ArtRage for iPad 2.0 update that we're currently finalising uses the latest SDK from Wacom which was recently released and does work with iOS 9. The update should be out soon, barring any delays during App Store certification.
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