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Thread: Crashing Windows 8.1

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    Aug 2015

    Crashing Windows 8.1

    I'm using 3.5.12, the full version

    Using Windows 8.1

    This just started happening to me recently but sometimes the program crashes on me. Sometimes it happens when I'm saving, sometimes it doesn't. When it does though I wind up loosing parts and pieces I had already worked on. For example if I drew a five circles one day then saved and the next day opened the file and started drawing triangles, if it crashed and I reloaded it instead of triangles missing or gone instead there'd be parts of the second circle missing. Recently just finished something that was difficult for me to draw and i have to redo it again. When it crashed I was saving.

    The only message I had gotten was "Artrage as stopped working".

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    Can you contact us at There are a few things we can investigate, but it will get a bit complicated for a forum thread.

    Also, please let us know your system specs and what kind of input device (e.g. mouse, graphics tablet) you're using.
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    Sure, I will.

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