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Thread: zooming canvas around cursor and better layer managing

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    zooming canvas around cursor and better layer managing

    Using cursor as the pivot point for zooming (instead of using center of the screen) is to me a really needed addition to rotating around cursor. Zooming in on the periphery of a large canvas is pretty tedious without it.
    Also I've noticed issues with the existing mode of zooming whenever the canvas is rotated off the default orientation (it starts using center of the canvas instead of screen for zooming).

    Also, better managing of layers, akin to Photoshop, would be nice:
    - being able to hide/show a group with the "eye icon" (I use groups a lot)
    - being able to show layer bars in thinner form (although thumbnail pictures are undoubtedly useful as well) so as to have a better grasp once the number of layers gets bigger
    - more accessible "blend mode" menu (as in not hidden in drop down menu hierarchy)

    ArtRage is wonderful!
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