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Thread: Predicting the edge knife

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    Predicting the edge knife

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to reliably control the palette knife - edge mode. Is there a way to predict whether it will be one side of the edge or the other chosen to apply the paint, is there a way to set that control to a specific control, like tilt angle or something like that so I can actually use this knife to carve in edges effectively? I can use other routes but this mirrors a technique I use traditionally to apply sharp edges on rocks and trees occasionally and would greatly speed up my process if it's something that can be done here.

    - Delo

    Edit: I think I may have figured it out, it appears to be linked to the last direction it was on in the last stroke so if I need it on the other edge I should make sure to make a mark on a scrap sheet or alter the end of my last stroke just slightly. Would still like a more reliable way to control this consistently though. Or perhaps more natural feeling way of controlling this. (making it sensitive to the point of the knife touching the surface first based on the rotation. . . one edge slightly longer than the other, or a dot beside the outline edge of the cursor that is going to place the color.
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