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Thread: A video tutorial on Soft Proofing ArtRage images for printing using Photoshop

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    A video tutorial on Soft Proofing ArtRage images for printing using Photoshop

    Here is a link to a video I made as part of a larger ArtRage essentials course in development. This is a video on soft proofing. It is preliminary and I've already scripted out changes for the next revision. But, if you would be so kind as to make comments and critiques, it would be appreciated! The link below is for ArtRage forum users only!

    Soft Proofing, (if you are not familiar with the term) is a way to ensure your final printed image matches what you see (on your calibrated monitor) to what your printer outputs using any given paper media. There are two steps to calibrate your system.1. Monitor calibration with a tool like a ColorMunki or Spyder device, 2. Use of a print profile which matches your printer model with specific papers from a given paper manufacturer.
    Once that is done you can adjust via layer adjustment in Photoshop your images to obtain the best possible printed image.
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