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Thread: SketchBook Pro 7 - everything is new.

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    SketchBook Pro 7 - everything is new.

    I just made a one year subscription (25 USD) to the brand new SketchBook Pro 7. It seems Everything is new these Days. Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 recently had an upgrade as well as the Adobe Darkroom 5. Corel Painter 2015 was new last week and ArtRage 4.5 too.

    I now have too many software it feels like. I also have ClipStudio (Manga Studio) as well as Anime Studio. But all these programs have their strenghts, so I guell I need them and want to have them all.

    Painter is my long time favourite. I started using it 1992 or 1993. ArtRage has been with me for 10 long years and is still one favourite. Photoshop has also been with me a long time, since 92 0r 93 I guess, mostly for photo editing, not much as a paint program. Today I use Photoshop for animation mostly since Darkroom or Corel AfterShot Pro 2 are my photo editors (I shoot raw most of the time). ClipStudio studio is for sketching and character studies and such, since it got multiple pages setup where I can create storyboards for my Childrens Pictures StoryBook apps. SketchBook is my Android paint and sketch app as well as Corel Painter (brand new on my Galaxy Note).

    The brand new SKP 7 has such a good price so I just had to get the Desktop version, to seamlessly integrate with all other software I have that produces PSD-files. They all do

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    Thanks Henry. I'll take a good look at that :-) The perspective tools look great.

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