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Thread: Canvas Lighting not saved in script.

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    Canvas Lighting not saved in script.


    I searched the forums before posting this to try and discover if this is a known issue, so apologies if I have missed a post, or whether there is a technical description that I am not aware of.

    On a script playback of a completed painting I noticed that the metallic effect was noticeable at the start of the painting which I was pretty sure I didn't set up from the start. On investigation I discovered that at the start I had fiddled around with the grains and colour canvas properties to establish a preferred style, during this process I boosted the metallic setting up to 100 percent and at the start of the painting proper I turned the canvas lighting off to not see the metallic effect.

    After some experimentation with a simple default canvas from scratch, I changed the metallic value to 100 percent, then the canvas lighting to off and applied some simple brushstrokes. On script playback the simple brushstrokes were applied to a metallic surface as the canvas lighting was not turned off.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    The canvas lighting toggle is an interface toggle and the script system tends to leave interface elements untouched. However it's a completely non-destructive toggle so it can be adjusted after painting without changing any of the actual paint. Canvas colour and metallic values are similarly non destructive so can be adjusted at the end if you find that you left the metallic canvas on while painting.
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