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Thread: Bob Ross' Palate Knife

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    Bob Ross' Palate Knife

    I would like to be able to dab some paint on to a palate knife and use it to make tree trunks and other things like 'sculpting rocks' he did, this would also include being able to control the angle too, maybe with the arrow keys.....I also like the 'dry' brush to smudge with along with the fan brush to make 'happy little trees' with....So cool.
    Bob was one of the most inspiring guys (for me) who painted with such ease....
    “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

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    Thumbs up I second this motion

    Yeah, that would be awesome!

    I wish they would add a oil preset group of brushes based on Mister Ross'. I'd love to follow along with the episodes on ArtRage.

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