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Thread: Exporting files in high resolution for use in Adobe Creative Suite

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    Exporting files in high resolution for use in Adobe Creative Suite

    Hi everyone,

    I don't actually use ArtRage but I have a client who produces labels for her products and wants to use the illustrations created by a friend on the labels. The images have been created in ArtRage 2.5 and every time they send me a JPEG it is too low a resolution to use in print.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to the instructions of how to export the files in the highest resolution possible (or vector format if possible) so that we can get the best quality images for use in the designs.

    Thanks in advance.


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    My guess is that is direct linked to the resolution you are working in (that PTG File). For instance, i generate a canvas, but using the print size option (lets say 20x16 cm) but at 600 dp - painted takes 168 Mb size. Exporting it as a tiff file generates a 30.5 Mb file (4724x3748 pixels) still at 600 dpi. Usualy 300 dpi for comercial printing is enough, but if the size of the print is intended to be larger I recomand working with higher resolutions.
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    Yes, I agree with Orkhan, this sounds like the problem is the resolution in the original ArtRage painting file.
    Unless the user sets it themselves when they start a new painting AR will default to 72dpi. Looks fine on a computer screen but lousy for printing! Using 300dpi is usually a safe bet for print.
    When it comes to exporting a picture from AR I would also go with TIFF or PNG to maintain quality.
    At present AR dose not embed a colour profile, so if that's needed in the exported image it must be given it by some other image editing/processing software.
    AR is purely a raster app and can not produce vector art.
    If you are using Adobe Creative Suite, you might want to try resizing the existing images you have been sent. Sometimes it can work quite well if the size increase isn't to big a jump. Or you could look at other third party apps designed for resizing images.

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