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Thread: Newbie Question: Transparent Backgrounds

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    Newbie Question: Transparent Backgrounds

    So this is my first time here, mainly because I got my tablet today and this wonderful program came with it. As I messed around and experimented with tools, was wondering how to make images have transparent backgrounds when you export it, save it, and upload it to some place like Deviant Art (no white background, just the drawing). Is there a way, and if so, how? Thanks!

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    Welcome to ArtRage forum, Jensenaackles.

    The option you're looking for is on the Canvas Settings panel. Just select "View → Canvas Settings" and then set the "Opacity" level to "0%" (as shown in the image attached below). You'll see the canvas take on a checker board appearance. Be sure to export the completed image as a PNG file, so that the transparency is preserved (Note: you should also save a copy using the "save painting as" option, to save the image as a .ptg, in case you want to rework it later on).

    Name:  clear background.jpg
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    Here's an example of an image I made in ArtRage, with a transparent background:
    Name:  CrazyBoxHeadPNG.png
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