Loving AR4 - it's really a work of art in itself!

I paint digitally as well as physical, real-world canvas. One thing I keep finding myself wanting to see in my onscreen, ArtRage paintings is a sense of scale.

Of course, choosing a digital canvas size in inches is the start and generally works the way I always have. I choose a 60" canvas and I know about how large that *would* be if printed. However, since brushes don't scale to a real-world size (eg. 4" flat brush as opposed to just dialing up a percentage) one also looses that additional, little point of reference one might use to get a sense of the size of art you're making. I often work large, too, so having an idea of brush strokes, in correct "proportion" to the size of the canvas, and the overall feel of the piece plays a big role in how I approach the art. Working on something large and grand is handled quite a bit differently than something more modestly sized that might be framed at 20". If I can get a sense of painterly scale for the size it would be at 100% - I'd have a truer idea of the work as I progress for where it'll end up.

As weird as this sounds - I keep wishing I just had a "mockup" of a person standing next to my onscreen, ArtRage canvas.

I know, odd, but I've included a mocked-up idea of all I was hoping for - basically a transparent layer or overlay that can be set in preferences (eg. "Model size" in feet and inches) and clicked on/off for viewing, and would correctly scale to the size of the canvas - and correctly view as one zooms in and out of the screen.

I never really know what my art will truly "feel" like in terms of scale, presence, impression, or appropriateness for a setting or environment unless I get some kind of real-world visual to compare it against. A silhouette of a person standing next to it - properly scaled to the size of the canvas would be an huge benefit to me.

I sell a lot of my work through services like FineArtAmerica and frame sizes and such help give a sense of scale - but that's only after I've finished the piece. Feeling the scope of what I'm working on *while* still in ArtRage would be light years ahead of guesstimating purely by experience.

Thank you for your time!


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