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Thread: Started off as a pencil drawing

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    Started off as a pencil drawing

    I was playing around with Pencil to see how easy it is to emulate natural drawing on Art Rage. I always find it hard to get those lovely shading lines because the tool tends to wander.... or my hand does. The secret is to do it real quick before the waver takes over.

    Of course the line drawing developed into a watercolour wash, and then my lovely 'Toulouse Paper' stencil, and here is my crow.

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  2. Nice, I like twinkle in the eye and pose. I would develop the base a bit more, to emphasize action. And maybe some homogenous color variations here and there could make this image slightly more playful.

    Thanks, krpolak

  3. Really nice The style reminds me of some sketches in an ornithology book I once saw dating from (I think) the 50's. I wasn't fussed about the book itself, but I preferred the sketchiness of the illustrations to the more mannered illustrations in other books I'd seen on the subject (and the colour plate center pages of the same book). I could see introducing more colour as krpolak suggests, but in this instance at least I think the simple tonal aspect works really well.

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    Hey Robyn,
    I think your emulation test was successful, the crow looks great....
    If there was wavering hands, can't tell by your drawing.
    Thinking about tying weights to mine when I'm detailing...he he he!
    Unwavering done!
    Take care,

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    Yes, this was just an experiment/practice and I wanted it monotone, but thanks for your suggestions Krpolak! I kinda wanted it a bit 'olde worlde'.

    Maybe it's a bit dreary, I don't know.

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    You timely nails it perfectly, dear Robyn. Very eloquent image of "crowy" expressivity.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Great pencil work, Robyn, Mr Crow looks very regal

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    Thats great work, well done
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by copespeak View Post
    Krpolak! I kinda wanted it a bit 'olde worlde'.

    Maybe it's a bit dreary, I don't know.
    Thats exactly what I am talking about! I dont mean wild splashes of color and fountains of hues

    You know, just a touch of blue, seen on black feathers when highlighted by sun. Exactly like in old, ornithology books

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Gorgeous! I like the top one. Leave it with me and I will have a play! I'm fixing some computers for friends, and that has really spoiled my 'muse'!

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