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Thread: ArtRage 3 and Mavericks

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    ArtRage 3 and Mavericks

    I received a Wacom Pen and Touch tablet for Xmas that came with a free download of ArtRage 3. I downloaded the software to my computer which runs on Mavericks, but get the message that it is not a "recognised developer", so I can't install it. I gather this is due to incompatibility between Mavericks and older versions of ArtRage and I see there is an update available for people who ALREADY have ArtRage 3 - but what about those who just got it? Wacom provided an activation key for ArtRage3: will it work with ArtRage 4?
    Thanks for your advice.

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    Hi ConnieTD and welcome to ArtRage
    Two things you will need to do first.
    At the moment it will be 'GateKeeper', which is built into OSX, that is preventing you from installing ArtRage. Go into your Mac's 'System Preferences' and under 'Security & Privacy' reset your system to allow you to install from anywhere. You can of course change the preferences back again after installing AR3 if you wish.
    Apple has more info about GateKeeper here:

    After you have installed and registered your copy of AR3 make sure you have the latest version of AR3, which is v3.5.11. If necessary download and install that update. Otherwise you may have problems running lower versions of AR3 on Mavericks.
    The activation key is for v3, so most likely won't activate v4. But v3 is still good, I still have it installed!
    If you subsequently find that you and ArtRage were made for each other and you want to upgrade, then you can upgrade to AR4 at a discounted price as a registered owner of v3.
    Have fun!
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    The information above is correct to run an older version of the product on a device that has Gatekeeper but there's actually a later version available to you for download free of charge. The current version of ArtRage 3 (3.5.11) contains the developer certificate that wasn't in the older version you got with your tablet and also contains some fixes that allow the software to work properly on Mavericks. You can download the latest version from our Member Area, see here for more information:
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