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Thread: Newbie intro

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    Newbie intro

    Hello ArtRagers,
    Come February my life changed, when I bought a Wacom Volito in a local discount supermarked.
    After a few weeks using the enclosed trial software 'PhotoImpact' I was searching for information on (overpriced) Painter but ended up with ArtRage Free.

    I was skeptical, but I thought I would give it a try. You know the feeling; What a revelation. A refreshing and eye-opening experience. Have never tried such an innovative and completely different approach to application design. Fell in love immediately and bought Full a few days later. What a joy!

    I'm not much of a painter, but I have a creative drive nagging me from time to time. Previously I have been doodling with fractals (UF), but I gave it up due to the chaotic and math-oriented interface. I have strong feelings for colour (theory) and symmetry.

    Just thought I would introduce myself before posting a zillion newbie questions.


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    That's fantastic to hear! I'm so happy to hear that it's working out well for you so far. Welcome to the forums
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