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Thread: layer(s) disappeared after reopen the drawing

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    layer(s) disappeared after reopen the drawing


    any idea / help for the problem below...

    using an iPhone 5C, I found several drawing just lost some layers after reopen the file to work on. The 1st one from 6 layers reduce to 3 - one layer was emptied. The 2nd one from 4 to 2, also one empty layer. The 3rd one working today with 6 layers, but this time only one layer emptied - with drawing before.

    There are only 1 drawing not being affected, which has only one layer alone.

    appreciate any suggestion to solve my frustration, many thanks


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    Sorry to hear about the problem. If the image was saved then the layers should not be able to be removed - Generally if there is a problem saving the entire document will be corrupted so being able to open them and finding some layers missing might mean that a backup has been restored over the top of the files. Have you restored the contents of your phone from an earlier backup at all recently?

    If not, could you try creating a new painting and adding some layers, saving it by returning to the gallery then reopening it and seeing if it still has those layers?
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    fortunately and surprisingly, no more problem again afterwards, I've created several new drawings, open and close and sync with iTunes, everything just stay intact.

    anyway, it is good to be normal again, thanks.

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