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    Unhappy Canvas measurement default


    I am a UK user of Artrage and I wish to size my paintings in Metric as this is the measurement mostly used in the UK now for frame sizes etc....

    However, I notice that when I change the size to read it in millimetres I am not given exact sizes. This default sizes are imperial (inches) and therefore the millimetres are not exact.

    Please can someone tell me how I can set the sizing to default to metric. It is causing issues with framing my painted and printed images.


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    Hello Shar,
    To get AR to default to millimetres when starting a new painting, all you need to do is;
    Go to; File > New Painting.
    In the window that opens click the 'Print Size' tab.
    Now click the button to the right of where it says 'Measure In…' and choose 'Millimetres'.
    Click 'OK' to close the window.
    Finally save this "painting" to you desktop (you can throw it away later) and close AR.
    Next time you launch AR and open the 'New Painting' window it will be set to use millimetres when you click on the 'Print Size' tab. You can also save your own preset sizes too.
    Note; trying to set exact whole millimetres is very tricky!
    I suspect that AR has to do some kind of balancing act between the millimetres you want, the screen's actual pixels and the ppi resolution.
    (Try altering the ppi after you have entered some measurements and you will see the fractions of millimetres change.)

    Speaking as an ex framer, I think I would rather deal with AR's very slight inconsistencies than the vagaries presented by real stretched canvases which often had lumpy edges and were seldom square at the corners!
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    Thank you for your reply Markw.

    I have been experimenting a little with the measurements but will probably have to do a bit more!
    The issue I have been experiencing is that there are exact inches but not exact millimetres.

    So if I select a canvas size of 100 mm for one side, Artrage will change it to 99.89 mm. Because the 99.89mm is an exact inch size.
    Artrage seems to favour inches over millimetres. But I would like it to favour millmetres over inches when I select it to measure in millimetres.

    I hope there is a way of me to change the default in this way, because if not then a painting sized in inches will not be able to be framed in millimetres.

    Please help!

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    Because the print resolution of the canvas is measured in pixels per inch, there are times when a precise millimeter measurement won't be possible and some small rounding may occur. The difference should be tiny however, and if you're doing 300 or 600 dpi a 1000mm measurement is possible. Default 72dpi screen resolution may not give you exactly the measurement you want in mm but 72 is too small for print anyway. There's no way to replace the DPI value with a DPCM/DPMM value.
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    Many thanks for explaining. I understand the reasoning now.

    I will just have to work around it.

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