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Thread: Default canvas size and settings does not apply !

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    Question Default canvas size and settings does not apply !

    i've set my canvas default size and settings to the size of an A4 paper with cel background. however, whenever i start the program it does not show me my default canvas. what's going on? i use AR 3 btw.

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    ArtRage always defaults to match the dimensions of your monitor. As a work around— which I use often —you could set your painting up the way you'd like it (Size, Grain, Sample selection, Tool Box, etc...) and then save the painting to your desktop (or wherever you normally keep your shortcut to the AR program) as a .ptg file using "File > Save Painting". By using the .PTG file as your "shortcut" for opening the program, it will always open as you had saved it. Just be sure to use the "File > Save Painting As..." when you go to save your image, so you don't overwrite the file.
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