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Thread: Background color and zooming in ArtRage 4

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    Background color and zooming in ArtRage 4

    There is problem with the background color (of the program, this grey) if I change it, the progam does it, but it's seemingly not saved because if you restard the programm you have the grey color again. And also I'am not able to zoom with my tablet like I did in 3, by pushing the Button on the Pen that is configured with the scrolling function and pushing it on the tablet (if I am not pushing it on the tablet it moves the canvas) but when I push it on the tablet in 4 it also moves the canvas (I already tried the ctrl option...)

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    I'm not seeing the background colour problem here, so make sure you're setting it via Edit -> preferences -> interface, clicking on the current background colour and changing it there. Zoom out to check, then close and reopen ArtRage. If I do that here it is saved so it's possible that there is a permissions problem preventing ArtRage on your computer from writing to its settings file, or a problem with the settings file. if this doesn't help, please email me at the address below and I can help further while I assist with the other problem you're having.

    Regarding the tablet, ArtRage 4 will zoom if it receives a ctrl + scroll wheel message, or if you have disabled the ctrl + scroll wheel = zoom option in Edit -> ArtRage Preferences -> Input, a scroll wheel message. If that's not working, it sounds like the application isn't receiving this message so I'd need to look at how the tablet is set up. Can you email me at and let me know:

    -What operating system you're using
    -How specifically you've set the tablet button up ( the steps you went through to configure it, and where you did this )
    -How you attempt to zoom i.e. exactly which button you're pressing, whether the stylus is making contact with the tablet etc.

    I can do some more direct troubleshooting with you from there.
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