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Thread: No cropping, please

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    No cropping, please

    In Corel Painter there is no crop if one imports a file into a new layer. The imported Picture retains its full size all the time so you can go back whenever you want to edit the artwork. In ArtRage the imported picture gets cropped, cut to fit the size of the canvas, when you accept the imported or transformed picture. To bad, that makes ArtRage hard to use for my illustration work as I often have to edit my artwork more than one time to get it right. I wish ArtRage would act just like Painter (and Photoshop) in this case. No cropping please..
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    Can't you preset your 'new painting' dimensions to the image size you're importing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by copespeak View Post
    Can't you preset your 'new painting' dimensions to the image size you're importing?
    That's my normal work around for it, but it's not always a feasible one.

    When doing matte work, it'd be nice to be able to move the items around the canvas without fear of them being cropped off, should they be placed with a part of the selection out of the frame. I realize it's a mater of having to keep more information stored, which is a limitation for ArtRage due to it tracking paint thickness and all of that, but it's still something I'd like to see happen at some point. Maybe it could be a feature in the preferences, that people can opt to use at their own discretion?
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