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Thread: I bought AR on Steam. How do I launch AR without launching Steam? (Mac OS X)

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    Question I bought AR on Steam. How do I launch AR without launching Steam? (Mac OS X)

    I understand on Windows I can just navigate to to the Art Rage EXE in the Steam folder and launch it directly, but the file system is not available to browse on my MacBook Pro. I can use Spotlight lo locate, but clicking on that sill launches Steam. It's REALLY annoying to have to launch Steam before I can launch Art Rage. It's bought and paid for, with a valid SN, so Steam DRM is not needed.

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    ArtRage 4 doesn't use Steam DRM and there is no code in the application that relies on or launches the Steam client. It's likely that Spotlight is finding a shortcut installed by the Steam client to launch the app via the client. In your Library folder (hold down Option and open the Go menu in the finder, select Library) locate the Steam folder and in there open steamapps/common and you will see an ArtRage 4 folder. In there is the ArtRage app. Launch that and the application will launch without the Steam client.
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    Cool Thanks! Worked perfectly.

    I located the app file in the Steam folder and dragged it to my applications folder and BAM! It is amazing how lighting fast this app opens op - literally less than 1 second - now that Steam is out of the way.

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