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Thread: Undo vs Playback

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    Undo vs Playback

    I'm not sure how many levels of undo does AR have? I am able to undo about 20 minutes of fooling around just by resting my fingers on Ctrl+Z without letting it go. And then do a reverse "playback" just by resting my fingers on Ctrl+Y. This could be used as a playback feature maybe...? Along with the file I could save the information, send the file to someone, and she could just play back my painting seeing my strokes.

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    The 'undo' buffer can get quite large, as it's just saving the raw image data prior to overpainting it. And it'll keep going for as long as you have the disk space to spare.

    It would be far better if we kept a 'script' of every tool you used, and every mouse event while you were using it. The file would then be very small, and you would be able to 'play back' exactly the painting.

    Scripting support is something that's on our whiteboard to look at, but it might have to wait for a 'professional' version of ArtRage.
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    Until Ambient Design comes up with a brilliant approach to this (mmm... ZBrush-like scripting for tutoooooorials...), you can try the freeware Wink or the very-much-not-freeware-but-has-a-trial-version Camtasia Studio. Rest your fingers on Ctrl+Z to get to your starting point, press record, rest your fingers on Ctrl+Y to "redo" all your brush strokes, press stop, and voila, insta-movie. I haven't used Wink, but Camtasia Studio's quite powerful, with frame transitions and a nice selection of output options.

    Hope that helps,

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