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Thread: Dual screen trouble

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    Question Dual screen trouble

    I've just upgraded to Artrage 4 on my macbook Pro (OSX 10.7.5) to solve this problem but it is still occurring. Whenever I drag the artboard to my second screen and click on fullscreen mode I start having problems with my stylus AND my mouse. This has only recently started occurring in the last few days. It gets stuck or it picks up the page and won't let go or when I was using Studio Pro 3.5.5 it would draw and then get stuck and I would have to click again before it would let me draw again (which was why I upgraded). Any help would be much appreciated! I have tried restarts reboots etc. but the problem keeps happening.

    Ok, now I have removed it from full screen mode and the mouse appears in the space around the Artrage screen and then disappears the moment it moves into the ARtrage screen. And moving it back to the laptop screen it does the same - disappears when it goes into the Artrage screen. And when I change to a different program the menu items don't highlight when hovering or jump out as per usual.

    After working with it more I have found that the situation occurs when I go to record my brushstrokes. If I accidentally click (click and drag?) off the page onto the screen while recording and then click back into ARtrage again I get into this strange behaviour with the mouse that affects every program. Weird...Any suggestions?
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    Sorry to hear about the problem! The mouse pointer in the general OS can vanish if ArtRage has focus and has hidden the default cursor to show a paint outline cursor when there is a modal dialog up. You may be able to solve this by using Cmd-Tab to leave the application then clicking on the app window to give it focus again. If that doesn't help, drop an email to and we can go over some troubleshooting to find out exactly what's happening and see if we can replicate it here.
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