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Thread: Eraser Size Control with Pressure and 100% Opacity

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    Eraser Size Control with Pressure and 100% Opacity

    Is it possible to make the eraser perfectly opaque? Right now, the pressure of the pen controls the opacity as well as the nib size. I set all the values I could find to make the the eraser size dependent on the pressure of the pen, but it still kept controlling the opacity and I wasn't able to do what I had in mind.
    This is an example of what settings I used and what the result was with the eraser.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I want 100% opacity and pressure sensitive nib size in order to erase fine details without manually changing size and without having to do 2 passes. Kind of what the Inking Tool does now, but as an eraser. Maybe add an extra slider, for opacity, or a button to make opacity controlled by pressure, or as a switch between what the pressure controls: size, transparency or both.


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    I'm facing a similar problem when using the eraser. I'm concerned that faint traces of colour are going to print in my commercial work because I haven't pressed the eraser hard enough when doing clean up. The eraser does need a lock 100% erase option so pressure changes scale but not transparency.

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    I'm bumping up this nearly 2 years old thread. I'm so agreeing with you guys.
    This still seems like an unsolved issue.
    First I had to find out how to make the eraser pressure sensitive at all - that wasn't obvious either, than I had to realize I'm stuck with the opacity part.
    I don't want opacity there! I (we) need a fine eraser. How is this not in Artrage? I don't get why the eraser has so few options compared to other tools. It's important.

    Can someone from the devs comment on this question? It seems like a "could easily be done" tweak for a point release.

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